Brenda Andres was a Combat Medic in the US Army. She enjoys being involved with WVE&T because we are all women dealing with the same issues: Respect we deserve the same respect and recognition as the male veteran standing next to us does.


Monique Arrucci joined the Army in 2002 after 9/11 and served for 8 years. She deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005, Operation Iraqi Freedom II. After returning home this Brooklyn native, achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management and a Master’s in Business Administration. Currently she attends acting classes with the Military Resilience Foundation, Community Choir with Public Works, and Writing workshops with Women Veterans Empowered & Thriving.


Jonathan Egge is a 4 year veteran of the US Navy, currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Pennsylvania.


Sarah Mess is a Poet, actor, paper maker, visual artist, and a Somalia War Veteran. She appears in film short, Soldiers Period, and in an upcoming feature film, This Is Not A War Story. Her poetry has electrified audiences on stages nationwide, to include The New York City Poetry Festival, The Geraldine Dodge Poetry Festival, and Chicago’s Vic Theatre. Her poetry and artwork are featured in Warrior Writers fourth anthology, titled Warrior Writers, and Sound Of: Warrior Writers NJ. Also on You Tube.


Peter Racanella was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He has a brother, a twin brother. Not just twins, but mirror twins. He is right handed and I am left handed. Mirror twins are extremely rare, so I feel am I. Graduated high school in 1976 and joined the military that same year. So now you know why I am the way I am.


Cari Greywolf Rowan, a Post Viet Nam era AirForce veteran (1976-1978), is a poet and spoken word performer: a wordsmith with poems published in three anthologies and several online poetry sites. Now retired, she has been a teacher, counselor, massage therapist, journalist, and integrative somatic practitioner. She breathes in the language of human nature, spirit, and the natural world.


Sharon C Wallace was US Army, MOS 71D Legal Clerk and 05E Voice Radio Operator, 3 years active 4 years US Army Reserves. She earned two AAS Degrees, Secretarial science and Computer Security and Forensics. Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Grew up and lived in NJ where her family lived for 50+ years. Married for 35 years. She now lives in Allentown, PA since 2005. WVE&T has homered her device in ways she could never imagine.She cherishes her sisters, “her tribe”. They give her infinite support and love like she’s never known.


Lyn L. Watson is a US Army veteran. MOS 88M. A single mom, a survivor of domestic violence, and a writer. “I am stronger than I once thought!” She volunteers with Artsquest and met Jenny while completing her Bachelors Degree. Lyn has been part of WVE&T since its beginning. She also performed in a play, Impact Theatre NYC.

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